Skye terrier comes from the same island (Skye) at the western coast of Scotland. Skye is one of the oldest breeds, whose history begins in 16 century. As well as the majority of undersized terriers, initially them used for hunting for foxes, badgers, etc. Now with skyes on hunting do not go, as breed became too big and long-haired for hunting dogs. The big contribution to development of breed to a today's kind was brought by queen Victoria (1819-1901) which skye accompanied everywhere. On ancient engravings it is often represented with favourite Rona II. The end of 19 centuries was time of a dawn skye terriers.

Skye terrier is low, with a strong and long trunk. In English it is possible to characterize skye to three L: long, low, level - long, low and with a direct back. The ideal length of a body is equal to double height. Skye is not a small dog, it more likely than average size a dog on low paws. Today's dogs weigh 11-18 kg.

Everyone who is interested in the skye terrier, should know history about Greyfriars Bobby. Mistress Bobby was the little girl, but the dog itself has chosen to itself the owner of the worker of a farm and accompanied with it everywhere. When the worker has grown old and has got over in the city of Edinburgh, Bobby has run away from a farm behind it. Attempts to return a dog on a farm have not crowned success as Bobby each time came back to the worker. However, the worker has soon died, and Bobby has lead the rest of the life (12 years!) on a tomb of the owner where has died. For fidelity Bobby has been selected by the honourable citizen of Edinburgh, and in its honour the monument has been established. This history very well characterizes an essence of skye - it is boundless is true to the friend and itself makes of the decision.

Skye is a dog of one owner, it is extraordinary true. The owner chooses to itself, the friendship simply so does not give - trust and respect it is necessary to deserve, family and friends will protect up to the end of the days. As skye is very affectionate, change of owners at an adult dog passes very difficultly. The person, planning to get to itself skye, should think 7 times - treachery skye will not forgive.

Health and a feed
Skye has, as a rule, a sound health. They live also long, 15-16 years old skyes not a rarity. Often consider, that skye because of a long back there can be problems with a backbone, however it not so. Owing to rather long thorax, the backbone is well supported. At young skye the lameness can shown, therefore it is not necessary to overload puppies and young dogs. As a rule, the similar lameness passes.

For this breed very much a prominent aspect is socialization. On character skye is very mistrustful and cautious concerning another's, and, at wrong education, it can grown up in cowardice or aggression. Skye have a good memory, the owner of the skye terrier should care of that the puppy had enough a positive experience of dialogue with extraneous people and other dogs. Correctly brought up skye - courageous, little bit reserved, elegant, knowing to itself the price and, in difference from many small terriers, a quiet dog.

Skyes has vainglory typical for terriers, and at it always is the opinion. It is very important to watch, that the role of a dog and the owner in the house have not exchanged places. Skye very delicate, same it waits and concerning itself. For the person, wishing to receive positive contact with skye, it is very important to not rush on a dog. Otherwise skye will jump aside on some meters and in the further will avoid dialogue with this person. The cautious person will very quickly notice, that Skye itself has approached to it for acquaintance and allows stroking itself. To another's people skye itself does not open, if in the company there are another's people and dogs skye will watch them. Among it can be the prankish and the clown, can on the sly try to climb on knees, will infinitely wave a tail and to lick hands. With other animals in family it is very amicable, but also there tries to become the leader.

Skye is very mobile, quickly gives in to training, it is just necessary to motivate a dog correctly.

The coat and care of it
On color skye can be from silvery up to black or cream. There is a brown color less often. The brown coat is not forbidden by the standard, but at brown dogs frequently happens brown nose that is disqualifying an attribute. Ears, a nose and a tip of a tail should be at any color black. A coat long, practically up to the ground. Skye have, as at northern breed, a double cover - a dense soft undercoat both a long and strong integumentary coat. It is desirable to wash an exhibition dog each two weeks and a coat to comb better right after washing.

The need for movement
Skye can be held as an apartment, and in the house. In both cases it with pleasure will go with the owner on long walk.

The note
Skye will approach not to everyone, it so intelligence and is sensitive, that its owner should know precisely, that does. Carefully think, whether there can be you the reliable friend to skye for 12-16 years, in fact skye will be true to you up to the end of a life. If you are not ready to the same fidelity you are not worthy the terrier skye.