21.10. Veda close RUS JCH title with style - at St-Petersburg national show she was BOBjun, BOB and later BISjun-1!!!


11.10. We have skye terrier puppies: 5 girls and 1 boy!!! More information at puppies page.

08.10. After long time we visit Latvia and Lithuania and trip was more than succesful!!!

Veda - LV & LT JunCAC, 2 x BOB, BOBjun, BIG-3!

Sash - LT CAC, 2 x BOS!

Laura - LV & LT VetCAC, 2 x BOBVet!

Our blackies worthy present kennel - breeders BIS 2 & 1!!!

Ksenija - LV & LT VetCAC, 2 x BOBVet!

06.09. We are waiting skye terrier puppies in Oktober!!! Proud parents are Juger Edelweiss Once and for All and Juger Edelweiss Jolly Jacqueline!!!

05.09. Today our Kiki celebrates her 14th birthday!!! We wish her a lot of happiness and healt!

19.08. Super show weekend:

International show Baltic Winner 2018:

Sash - R-CACIB

Veda - BOBjun, Balt JW-18, PF 3

Laura - BOBvet, Balt VW-18, PF 4

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - best breder!

Tony CACIB, BOB, Balt W-18

Jolly - R-CACIB

Ksenija - BOBvet, Balt VW-18

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - best breder!


Terrier special show BalTer Winner 2018:

Tony - PM2

Pinky (Juger Edelweiss Pink Floyd) PM1, BOS, BalTer W-18

Ksenija - BOBvet, BOB, BalTer WV-18, BalTer V-18, BISvet-3!!! Best born in Estonia terrier!

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - breeders BIS-1!!!


03.06. Super results for our dogs at Estonian Winner show:

Sash - R-CACIB

Veda - JCAC, BOSjun, EST W-18, EST JCH

Tasha - EX1

Laura - VetCAC, BOSvet, EST VW-18, EST VCH

Tony - CACIB, BOB, EST W-18, BIG-1, BIS-2!!!

Jolly - R-CACIB,

Ksenija - BOBvet, EST VW-18

15.04. Last weekend we had international show Tallinn Winner 2018 and terrier speciality. Tallinn Winner Results:

Veda - JCAC, BOSjun, BOS, Tln JW-18, Tln W-18

Sash - CACIB, BOB, Tln W-18

Jolly - R-CACIB

Ksenija - VetCAC, BOBvet

Terrier speciality results:

Tony - BOB

Jolly - BOS

Ksenija - BOBvet, BISvet-3!

25.03. 2 x CAC shows results:

Veda - JCAC, BOBjun, BOS

Sash - 2 x BOB

Tony - BOB, BIG-3!!!

17.03. Articuse club Winter Cup 2018 II round results:

KK-2 Tasha 67p
KK-3 Sash 91p, II koht

17.02.Articuse club Winter Cup 2018 II round results:

KK-2 Tasha 78p, III place
KK-3 Sash 77p, III place

16.12. Our younger BRTs present oour kennel very well at Puppies and Veterans Christmas Show:

- Boris (J.E. Roskoshnyi Zver) - TP puppy

- Veda (J.E. Razvedka Boyem) - best female puppy 2

- Leta (J.E. Romantika Leta) - best female puppy 3

Boris & Leta - best brace

kennel Juger Edelweiss - breeders BIS-1!!!

11.12. Fantastic results from Nordic Winner and Finnish Winner shows: Sash - CAC=FI CH, 2 x CACIB, 2 BOS, Nordic Winner 2017 and Finnish Winner 2017!!! Sash became also International champion (C.I.B)!!!

Jolly - R-CACIB at Nordic Winner and CACIB at Finnish Winner!!!

05.12. Today born one BRT girl - Juger Edelweiss Scarlet O'Hara!!!

18.11. At Articus Club Winter Cup 3rd stage Sash shows his best result - KK-3 with 94 points! And 3rd place in competition!

13.11. Our dog results from World Winner Show - Tony - EX, open class II, Jolly - EX and Sash EX i very strong open class!

31.10. At the beginning of December we are waiting black terrier puppies from Fil (Dgenifer Bel Magnum Force) and Laura (Juger Edelweiss Igra Va-Bank)!!!

10.09. At the Haapsalu national show was our youngest black girl show debut - Veda (J.E. Razvedka Boyem) got PP and became BOS baby, loosing to her brother Borja (J.E. Roskoshnyi Zver)! Their uncle Sash became BOB! Tony shows also very nice - BOB and BIG-3!!!

27.08. Tasha succesfuly passed KK-2 exam with 83 points!!!

05.08. Today Sash succesfuly made KK-3 exam - 82 points and 3rd place!

10.06. Triple win at Latvian Winner show:

Jolly - CACIB, BOS, LV W-17

Tony - CACIB, BOB, LV W-17

Sash - CACIB, BOB, LV W-17!!!

03.06. Estonian Winner results for our dogs: Sash - R-CACIB, Jolly CACIB, EST W-17, BOS, Tony - CACIB, EST W-17, BOB, BIG-4!!!